We Want Your Unused Railway Items/Second Hand Sales!

If you would like to donate your Railway items to our club?

If you have any Model Railway items you would like to donate to helping our club, any Gauge/Scale etc?

We can easily arrange pick-up, or feel free to drop in to our Club room on a Tuesday or Thursday night?

You want to sell your model railway items?

The club does not have any scheme for selling third-party goods..

The first question is "What have you got?" If it is modern (last 5 years) then there should not be much trouble selling it; expect 20% to 25% of what you paid for it. If they are popular models then we, as a club, might be interested in buying them from you for resale. Please e-mail us.

If they are old (at least 25 years plus) and rare or unusual, then they may also be of interest to specialist dealers, it would be worth looking in the small ads of Railway Modeller or Googling dealers - compare offers, they do vary greatly.

If they fall between the two and are relatively commonplace then eBay is your best bet, start with a low price and see what happens. In the past I have been very pleasantly surprised. If selling to dealers, break it down in to small lots - and be prepared for a low offer.

Hope this is of some help.

(Email) - sec.imrc@yahoo.co.uk

(Email) - Willie@invernessmrc (Willie - Website) 07720 766519